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China Focus: Clean heating powers China's green development endeavor******

HARBIN, Nov. 1 (Xinhua) -- Winter in north China used to herald smoggy skies and suffocating air quality due to the extensive burning of coal for heating. Nowadays, with the widespread adoption of renewable energy, the situation has changed drastically.。

Centralized winter heating has kicked in ahead of schedule in many northern regions in response to continued low temperatures. On Monday, Tianjin Municipality and Hebei Province started off winter heating. Beijing began debugging the city's heating system in late October and will officially start heating service according to weather conditions.。

"The heating system in our residential quarter makes use of heat from wastewater instead of burning coal," said Li Shifu, a resident of Harbin, capital of northeast China's Heilongjiang Province.。

The sewage heating system has been developed by KINT, a Harbin-based clean energy enterprise. It has provided sewage heating for more than 80 million square meters of building space in dozens of Chinese cities. Compared with coal-powered heating, the system reduces the emission of pollutants such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide by more than 4.7 million tonnes every year.。

"We extract and utilize heat energy from the waste. There is no foul smell in radiators," said Li Jinfeng, who works at KINT.。

Clean and renewable energy is part of China's efforts in striving toward a low carbon economy.。

China will make further efforts to promote clean heating and ensure that clean energy is used for heating in more than 70 percent of the households in northern China. The use of clean heating in the southern part of the country will also be explored, stated a guideline issued by the National Energy Administration in April.。

Data from the China Association of Building Energy Efficiency showed that by the end of 2020, there were 8,200 enterprises engaged in businesses related to clean heating in China, with a total output value of 900 billion yuan (about 140 billion U.S. dollars) and more than 1.19 million employees.。

In Huaibei, a major coal-producing base in east China's Anhui Province, ground source heat pumps, which extract heat from the ground, are being used to substitute coal-powered electricity.。

In a residential quarter alone, such pumps are expected to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 32,000 tonnes, sulfur dioxide emissions by 217 tonnes, nitrogen oxides emissions by 205 tonnes and soot emissions by 127 tonnes every year.。

Hongtong Heating is responsible for offering heating services to more than 100 residential quarters in Harbin. On Oct. 26, the company's second phase of biomass power generation project began operations, which is expected to make use of about 600,000 tonnes of agricultural and forestry waste every year.。

"The price of biomass fuel is about 300 yuan per tonne, less than one-third of the current coal price," said Li Jianwei with the company. Enditem。

World leaders gather in Glasgow for make******


Police officers patrol Glasgow Green near the Scottish Event Centre in Glasgow, Scotland, on Saturday, ahead of the United Nations COP26 climate summit.。

World leaders began descending on the Scottish city of Glasgow yesterday for the United Nations COP26 summit, billed as a make-or-break chance to save the planet from the most calamitous effects of climate change.。

Delayed by a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, COP26 aims to keep alive a target of capping global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels – the limit scientists say would avoid its most deadly consequences.。

Meeting that goal, agreed in Paris to much fanfare in 2015, will require a surge in political momentum and diplomatic heavy-lifting to make up for the insufficient action and empty pledges that have characterized much of global climate politics.。

The conference needs to secure more ambitious pledges to further cut emissions, lock in billions in climate finance, and finish the rules to execute the Paris Agreement with the unanimous nod of the nearly 200 countries that signed it.。

"Let's be clear – there is a serious risk that Glasgow will not deliver," UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres told leaders of the Group of 20 rich nations last week. "Even if recent pledges were clear and credible – and there are serious questions about some of them – we are still careening towards climate catastrophe."

The existing pledges to cut emissions would see the planet's average temperature rise 2.7 degrees this century, which the UN says would supercharge the destruction that climate change is already causing by intensifying storms, exposing more people to deadly heat and floods, killing coral reefs and destroying natural habitats.。

The signals ahead of COP26 have been mixed. A new pledge last week from China, the world's biggest polluter, was labelled a missed opportunity that will cast a shadow over the two-week summit. Announcements from Russia and Saudi Arabia were also lackluster.。

The return of the United States, the world's biggest economy, to UN climate talks will be a boon to the conference, after a four-year absence under president Donald Trump.。

But like many world leaders, President Joe Biden will arrive at COP26 without firm legislation in place to deliver his own climate pledge as Congress argues over how to finance it and new uncertainty about whether US agencies can even regulate greenhouse gas emissions.。

Leaders of the G20 meeting in Rome this weekend will say they aim to cap global warming at 1.5 degrees, but will largely avoid firm commitments, according to a draft statement.。

The joint statement reflects tough negotiations, but details few concrete actions to limit carbon emissions.。

The G20, which includes Brazil, China, India, Germany and the US, accounts for about 80 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, but hopes the Rome meeting might pave the way to success in Scotland have dimmed considerably.。

Adding to the challenging geopolitical backdrop, a global energy crunch has prompted China to turn to highly polluting coal to avert power scarcity, and left Europe seeking more gas, another fossil fuel.。

Ultimately, negotiations will boil down to questions of fairness and trust between rich countries whose greenhouse gas emissions caused climate change, and poor countries being asked to de-carbonize their economies with insufficient financial support.。

COVID-19 has exacerbated the divide between rich and poor. A lack of vaccines and travel curbs mean some representatives from the poorest countries cannot attend.。

COVID-19 will make this UN climate conference different from any other, as 25,000 delegates from governments, companies, civil society, indigenous peoples, and the media will fill the event venue.。

World leaders will kick start COP26 today with two days of speeches that could include some new emissions-cutting pledges, before technical negotiators lock horns over the Paris accord rules. Any deal is likely to be struck hours or even days after the event's November 12 finish date.。

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  华商报新闻记者    李琳。



更懂年青用户 创维A20 Pro真120Hz电视有啥不一样?******


近期发布的创维A20 Pro做为专业为年青消费者构建的旗舰商品,适用120Hz四重高刷,原彩高色彩饱和度表明,JBL电影院声等,可以产生别具一格的家庭娱乐体验,是一款能够全方位达到人们要求的商品。


要想在电视上得到详细的120Hz高刷新频率体验,显示屏,编解码,內容,传送四大阶段需与此同时适用120Hz,而创维A20 Pro所配备的120Hz四重高刷管理体系就能很好的达到那些要求。

创维A20 Pro具备4K 120Hz 原彩硬屏 4K 120Hz 编解码 4K 120Hz MEMC 4K 120Hz HDMI2.1传送扶持,每一个过程均达到120Hz的性能测试方案,客户在不一样情景都能体验到真120Hz产生的顺畅感。

创维A20 Pro配用旗舰8K SoC,强劲的特性能够达到4K 120帧,8K 60帧高清视频源编解码,产生高质量高清片源产生的震撼人心体验。而在低帧数高清片源播放视频上,根据MEMC运动补偿技术性,把视频帧率提高到120帧,一样能够展现更为清晰的界面。

除观影外,创维A20 Pro也可以变成玩家的神器。创维A20 Pro配备HDMI2.1插口,48Gbps网络带宽能够达到4K 120fps数据信号传送。外接游戏电脑主机打游戏时,可以不遗余力地展现超清高帧率的游戏画面。

创维A20 Pro从插口,SoC再到显示屏全链路都适用VRR可变性刷新频率,屏幕刷新率即时兼容键入帧数,尽量防止图象画面撕裂,卡屏等状况,产生更极致的手机游戏体验。电视机还为玩家提前准备了游戏模式,可以合理减少键入延迟时间,提高手机游戏体验。


在表明实际效果一部分,创维A20 Pro配备4K 120Hz原彩硬屏,适用99% DCI-P3广色域,10.7亿种颜色,△E 0.87原彩高色彩饱和度表明,真正复原界面颜色,关键点。创维A20 Pro还配备了创维AI画面质量模块4K版,从颜色,画面质量,健身运动场面等层面即时提升界面,配备3D LUT影片原彩技术性,使你随时随地都能体验到震撼人心的图像实际效果。

创维A20 Pro仍在身心健康保护视力上干了深层次提升,选用四重硬件配置保护视力技术性,包含DC直流电变光保护视力无屏闪,创维ALS护目光感屏变,电子光学抗蓝光,MEMC健身运动界面,不晃动无托尾,对双眼更为友善,提高观影舒适感。

除开画面质量,音色对观影体验一样关键。创维A20 Pro选用JBL电影院音调校技术性,能充分运用大容积音腔和低失帧全频模块优点,在高保真音响黑云母振膜,杜比全景声声效的扶持下,构建出更加震惊的立体空间声效,合理提高观影沉浸于感。

创维A20 Pro的丰富多彩作用值得一提的是还具备多种多样的作用。电视机配备分离式AI监控摄像头,选用脱卸式式设计方案,根据电视机内嵌的酷开智能控制系统,可完成视频通话,美颜拍照,手机游戏运动健身等各种游戏玩法。

创维A20 Pro适用腾讯官方START云游戏平台,免下载免安装就能线上开局3A手游大作。电视机适用WiFi 6wifi网络,可完成更高速运行的无线网络传输数据,减少等待的时间,提高各种各样线上应用情景的体验。

创维A20 Pro具备三向无垠加工工艺扶持,液晶显示屏体BM边仅5.9mm,合理减少外框对观影的危害。电视机外型选用紫雾蓝设计方案,提升了企业产品的年青特性,双子塔基座设计方案个性时尚。

创维A20 Pro凭着高端的系统配置,120Hz四重高刷管理体系,给消费者提供高品质的观影体验。此外,这款商品与此同时解决了年青客户游戏中一部分的要求,外接游戏电脑主机可以让客户体验到血满的4K 120fps游戏界面。电视机还对于动画场景干了提升,让其基本功能从观影遮盖到动画场景,变成年青客户的游戏道具,产生痛快的手机游戏体验。

假如你重视观影体验的与此同时,还喜爱打游戏,创维A20 Pro可以有效地满足你的要求。创维A20 Pro一共有55英尺,65英尺,75英尺三种规格,可依据自身的估算和室内空间挑选 。邻近双十一,各平台会出现各种不同水平的优惠促销,要想订购的小伙伴能够多留意一下。




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