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Bergwijn stunner leads Netherlands to World Cup qualification******

THE HAGUE, Nov. 16 (Xinhua) -- The Netherlands qualified for the 2022 FIFA World Cup after a 2-0 win over Norway in Rotterdam on Tuesday.。

It was D-day for both teams in De Kuip stadium. The Netherlands would be certain of World Cup qualification with a win and a draw would normally also be sufficient with a superior goal difference compared to Turkey. Without injured star striker Erling Haaland, Norway needed a win and had to hope for Turkey to drop points at Montenegro.。

The Netherlands could have already qualified last Saturday against Montenegro, but the "Oranje" squandered a 2-0 lead in Podgorica in the final minutes of that match. It was the first setback for head coach Louis van Gaal since he successfully took over from Frank de Boer after a disappointing Euro 2020.。

Back in the Netherlands from Montenegro, Van Gaal suffered another personal setback. He slipped on his bike last Sunday and ended up with a hip injury. Therefore he had to be moved in a wheelchair and was not able to sit in the dugout. He followed the match from a skybox in the stands, keeping in touch with his staff by telephone.。

Van Gaal made changes to the line-up for the crucial match, with Steven Bergwijn replacing Donyell Malen and Matthijs de Ligt and Jasper Cillessen coming in for injured defender Stefan de Vrij and goalkeeper Justin Bijlow.。

In an empty stadium without spectators due to newly enforced COVID-19 measures, the home team had most ball possession but failed to create many openings in the tight Norwegian defense. Arnaut Danjuma had the best chance halfway through the first half after dribbling from right to left. His shot went wide.。

A header by Memphis Depay went in the hands of goalkeeper Orjan Nyland and a shot by the Dutch striker ended the same way. Norway hardly entered the Dutch side of the pitch in the goalless first half.。

In the second half, with Turkey leading 2-1 in Montenegro, Norway needed to come and slowly moved towards the Dutch goal. The tension rose in Rotterdam, with the Dutch fearing to concede a goal, which would mean elimination. However, the first chance of the second half was for the Dutch. Depay ruined the opportunity in the 75th minute.。

In the 84th minute, Bergwijn broke the deadlock and caused major relief in the Dutch soccer hearts. Danjuma passed to the right and Bergwijn smashed in the opening goal. After a counter in injury-time, Bergwijn wasn't selfish and assisted Memphis Depay.。

The win lifted the Netherlands to the top of the group with 23 points, while Turkey ended second with 21 points after a 2-1 win over Montenegro in Podgorica. The Turks now qualified for the play-offs and Norway was eliminated in third place.。

The Netherlands qualified for the World Cup for the 11th time in history and for the first time since 2014. The Dutch were three-time finalists at the 1974, 1978 and 2010 World Cups and finished third in 2014. Enditem。

South Korea chooses new president with inequality key concern******


A woman casts her vote in the presidential election at a polling station in Seoul on March 9.

South Koreans were at the polls electing a new president on Wednesday with economic inequality a top concern, especially among young swing voters.

Polling booths opened at 6am (9pm GMT) and record early voting indicates turnout will be high after a campaign dominated by mud-slinging between liberal Lee Jae-myung and conservative Yoon Suk-yeol.

The pair, who are both so unpopular local media have branded it the "election of the unfavorable," have been neck-and-neck in the polls for months. Some 90 percent of the electorate supports one or the other.

In South Korea, presidents serve just a single term of five years, and every living former leader has been jailed for corruption after leaving office.

Yoon has already threatened to investigate outgoing President Moon Jae-in, citing unspecified "irregularities."

The two parties are ideologically poles apart, and analysts say the key question is whether voters will kick out Moon's dovish Democratic Party and usher in a new hawkish, fiscally conservative regime under opposition People Power Party's Yoon.

"What the country needs right now is change," 71-year-old Hong Sung-cheon told AFP at a polling station in southern Seoul. "We cannot go on like this."

However, younger swing voters are likely to prove decisive, analysts say, and their top concerns are skyrocketing house prices in the capital Seoul, domestic inequality and stubborn youth unemployment.

"Young voters are not loyal to any particular political party and thus can't be defined by liberal-conservative ideology," said Shin Yul, political science professor at Myongji University.

"Turnouts and choices by those in their 20s will have a significant bearing on the outcome," Shin added.

Both leading candidates have promised to build millions of new homes, although the left-leaning Lee relies more on public housing and conservative Yoon on market-led solutions to the crisis.

"I'm really worried about housing prices in Seoul and I hope the new president will focus on making people's lives easier and better," Park Ki-tae, 38, said.

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家长丢肉后称里边有老鼠药 警方:系谣言,已对当事人批评教育******












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vivo T1评测:2K价位段的强力新秀******

  vivo在最近发布了集团旗下最新的T系列产品手机上,做为集团旗下第一款新产品的vivo T1当然收到了很多人的关心。做为2K价格段的整体实力新星,vivo T1配用了骁龙处理器 778G.USF 3.1.LPDDR5等一系列配备。那麼这一款vivo T1主要表现怎样.让我们一起来掌握。


  做为vivo集团旗下T系列产品第一款商品,本次发布的vivo T1带来了“光电青”和“曜影黑”2个颜色。大家取得手的是在其中的“光电青”颜色,这一个颜色采用了自主创新的两层脉冲阻尼器加工工艺,根据错综复杂的2次纹路转印纸,2次表层的镀膜,带来不一样的精彩实际效果。在具体的感观中,这一个“光电青”的颜色以蓝青绿色的主色,在视角转变 后则会产生例如紫青绿色等多种多样色彩的精彩实际效果。

  vivo T1还采用了全新升级的开口闪点晶钻加工工艺,在视觉效果上构建出了极其优异的闪动实际效果,促使外型层面有更为优异的主要表现。此外这一个开口闪点晶钻加工工艺仍在触感上带来了体验的升級,在触感上带来了细致的磨纱层次感,不易留有指印等应用印痕。

  在监控摄像头位置,vivo T1采用了矩形框的竖向三摄排序,而且在摄像头模组一部分采用了磨砂金属 高明亮面的衔接。这一设计方案促使整体机身外型更具有辨识度,而且带来了更为融洽的感观均衡。

  vivo T1光电青版本号的净重为193g,薄厚为8.53mm,拿在手上有一定的份量感,但因为其采用了3D倾斜度的后盖板,促使手拿着仍有很好的抓握触感,在进一步相互配合表层的开口闪点晶钻加工工艺,针对抓握体验又拥有一定的提高。

  vivo T1采用了一款6.67英寸LCD显示屏,针对许多“LCD永不为奴”的朋友而言,vivo T1的发布为销售市场带来了新的挑选。

  vivo T1所采用的显示屏为6.67英寸的LCD显示屏,采用了中置开洞设计方案,屏幕比例可做到91.36%。这一块显示屏适用最大120Hz的高刷新频率,在高屏幕刷新率的根基上,也有240Hz的显示屏触控采样率,相较为于传统式的60Hz显示屏有着更强的体验。vivo T1的屏幕对比度为1500:1,适用96%的NTSC色彩饱和度遮盖和HDR 10表明.DCI-P3色彩饱和度表明,在內容领域的表明比较栩栩如生精确,针对大多数消费者而言归属于非常好的水平。

  vivo T1还采用了全过程的DC变光方式,针对许多喜爱LCD显示屏的盆友应该是一个很好的挑选。而在亮度高的条件下,vivo T1还能够全自动激起HBM高亮度方式,極限情景的手机屏幕较大色度提高至650nits。此外,vivo T1也有LTM部分颜色投射技术性,能带来表明提升和节约功能损耗的两层面的提高。

  vivo T1采用的是侧边指纹设计方案,侧边指纹功能键与音量键地区都干了凹痕解决,视觉冲击更统一,应用的时候也会更随手。开启的效率也不必担心,具体体验中十分迅速就能完成轻轻松松秒开。

  vivo T1还配备了双扬声器和3.5mm耳机插孔,针对客户而言能带来更强的应用体验。


  vivo T1采用了来源于高通芯片的骁龙处理器778G SoC,在这其中的CPU层面采用了4颗2.4GHz的A78大核 4颗1.8GHz的A55花核总共八关键设计方案,GPU则为Adreno 642L。相较为于之前的高通芯片的中档SoC,其GPU和CPU都拥有近40%的功能提高。此外骁龙处理器778G还进一步采用到tsmc的6nm加工工艺,在功能损耗层面有更进一步的操纵,主要表现十分出色。

  vivo T1还配备了旗舰的USF 3.1数据存储器和LPDDR 5闪存芯片,其特性相较为交于价钱段所配备的USF 2.2 LPDDR4好上许多。在优异的特性外,vivo T1还配备了旗舰1551mm2 VC水冷散热均热板,在这里一套排热系统软件的扶持下,特性主要表现能更为平稳,能让客户在运用时有更好的体验。

  根据检测,vivo T1 在显卡跑分中做到了5七万的总成绩,其配备的USF 3.1数据存储器和LPDDR 5闪存芯片也可以在获取与载入层面有更强的主要表现充分发挥,在应用程序安装等情景下,体验能更为优异。vivo T1还进一步适用到160M网络带宽的Wi-Fi 6增强版,相互配合全新一代的WiFi 6增强版无线路由器,能完成迅速的无线网络传输速率。


  vivo T1运行游戏的时候会全自动打开游戏小助手,能够立即在游戏中开启4D游戏振感.鹰眼侠表明.截屏屏幕录制及其QQ手机微信分屏功能快捷回复等作用,让使用者在游戏全过程中有更强的应用体验。

  现阶段,《王者荣耀》这一款游戏都还没对vivo T1进行进一步的兼容,因此只可以打开到完美画面质量 120帧的体验。因此大家将游戏内可给到的画面质量调整选择项全部开到最大,开展检测。

  从数据测试中我们可以见到,手机软件纪录的均值帧率为59.9帧,帧率基本上是一条平行线,全过程起伏都特别小,应对各种打团也仍然维持起伏的稳定,vivo T1所配备的震动马达再加上手机上中4D游戏振感作用,能让客户在释放出来各种专业技能时获得更进一步的意见反馈,带来更强的体验。

  ��和平精英》中,vivo T1现阶段最大可打开HDR超清画面质量 极高帧率设定,在真实中的游戏帧数为40帧。根据系统开展数据信息的纪录,在应对一系列驾车,对枪等情景后我们可以见到,纪录到的均值帧率为39.9帧,基本上拉出了一条平行线。而在这里一类游戏中客户能够打开鹰眼侠视觉效果,带来更负色的图像实际效果,协助客户更强掌握游戏对局。客户还能够打开游戏内的振动意见反馈实际效果,使游戏沉浸于感更进一步。

  ��cod16手游游戏》中,vivo T1能够打开到精美画面质量 极限帧数的设定,在其中的极限帧数为120帧上下。根据手机软件对信息纪录,我们可以见到其均值帧率为58.9帧,在具体游戏中也是有很好的顺畅体验。


  大家也开展了三十分钟的游戏评测,纪录vivo T1的提温状况。在室内温度为26度的情形下,打开半小时的《和平精英》HDR超清画面质量 极高帧率设定下的去玩。在逐渐游戏前,整体机身正脸最高溫为30℃,反面最高溫为39.7℃。三十分钟后纪录到的整体机身正脸最高溫为38℃,反面最高溫为37.3℃。


  vivo T1后置摄像头为6400万主摄 八百万超广角镜头 200万微距镜头三摄组成,外置为1六百万清晰度摄像镜头。根据实拍视频大家还可以感受到vivo T1的拍攝主要表现。

  在大白天的日常拍攝中,vivo T1的主摄能够进行对绝大多数状况的确切纪录,针对颜色有少量的对比度提高,带来更强的感观。针对日常诸多情景的拍攝,vivo T1都能开展出色的解决。

  在应对比较大光比的情景下,vivo T1的拍攝则比较费劲,总体色度会被压的较低,颜色也会发生一些偏位。

  vivo T1还配备了超广角,在拍攝时要给予更为宽阔的视线,为客户带来不一样视角的拍攝体验。尽管这一颗超广角镜头的摄像镜头规格型号并不是很高,但具体一片感观还不错,针对日常的拍攝要求而言,也可以非常好的达到。

  vivo T1所配备的微距还可以协助客户在阳光照射比较充裕的情形下,拍出微小內容的显像,带来另一种视角的不一样视觉效果体验。

  在夜间的拍攝上,vivo T1还能够进一步开启夜景方式,得到更快的设计內容感观,进一步提高一片率。


  △主摄 夜景方式。


  △主摄 夜景方式。


  △超广角镜头 夜景方式。

  能够见到vivo T1在打开夜景方式后,能对界面中的修容一部分开展抑制,对暗部关键点开展调亮,使界面总体色度逐步提高,带来更强的人眼感观。

  vivo T1还内嵌了双视线录影.微电影方式.多重曝光等多种多样拍攝作用,客户可以运用这种作用,拍出自身所青睐的不一样界面,纪录日常的各种各样“小庆幸”。

  △双视线录影 演试精彩片段。


  vivo T1內置了5000mAh充电电池,适用44W身心健康快速充电,而且对于于整体机身Type-C充电口插下比较经常的耐磨性能难题,以内触脚采用稀缺“铑钌”金属材料表层的镀膜,能进一步减少插下.损坏.浸蚀等难题对快速充电带来的影响,让客户安心快速充电。

  在近日的减温也促使接口测试的气温有些降低,在本次的电池充电检测中,室内温度为23.5度的条件下,vivo T1的电池充电效率能够在三十分钟做到70%的用电量填补,充斥着至100%仅需53分钟。这一速率比官方网的63分钟充斥着100%用电量用时更短,应该是室内温度较低使电池充电特性更强的缘故造成。

  而在续航力层面,在手机屏打开120Hz高刷新频率,在色温为50%.声音50%.联接WiFi.打开精准定位的设定下。检测包含在线播放视频.玩游戏.刷抖音等情景总共3钟头的运用状况。实际各个阶段耗电量如下图,能够见到,在三小时的应用后,vivo T1也有72%的用电量剩下,节能型的骁龙处理器778G相互配合5000mAh大充电电池所带来的续航力体验会是相对性出色的。


  做为vivo 集团旗下全新升级T系列产品的第一款商品,vivo T1在二千元价格段为爱好LCD显示屏的小伙伴们带来了全新升级的挑选。骁龙处理器778GCPU和LPDDR5 UFS 3.1的配备给予了强悍的特性,针对日常的运用和绝大多数的游戏都能带来非常好的体验。

  在各领域的体现看来,vivo T1在各领域的主要表现都比较平衡,在双十一即将来临的目前,很有可能还将会出现进一步的特惠。有兴趣的小伙伴还可以开展一波关心。






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